Monday, May 28, 2007

Adventures to the dark side of my personality

So this weekend was another weekend of shooting fun at the CAC. I shot with many photographers, many of them new, and had a blast with all of them. I am already recieving a few of my photo sets. From what I have seen it was a productive weekend indeed.

These photos are by Clint from Springheel, I am calling them " The bad peice that reaides in everyone". Basically it was supposed to show the difference in one persons personality the good ( played by Kristin) and the evil (played by yours truly). The first photo shows what the good enjoys doing, and the bad being annoyed and bored. The second shows the bad sneaking up behind the good and scaring her. The third is showing the bad doing what she does best. The final picture shows the good side finally fighting back against the bad side.

I really enjoyed this set. It was a lot of fun. I can't wait to hear what you all have to say about them.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This weekend was a blast. The Exotica convention was in Detroit over this past weekend. People from all walks of life getting together to celebrate their love, weather it be new or old, of fetish's and alternative lifestyles. It was amazing. I went to a BSDM 101 class with a black dom... she was awesome. Learned alot from her, and got a few great laughs by her stories. Watch many performances, a flesh pull, and went to a masquerade ball. I had an outfit that was to die for.

The cincher was made by my amazing Andi. I love her... she is so freaking awesome, and I have been telling her that. I will try and get pictures up from the ball itself up soon. I had an absolute blast.

Went up there with Rob and Troy, and once I got up there met up with JJ plush, Eric Cain, Fuzzytek, Big Lew, Ralf, Sam, Chris, and the whole Chaos crew.

I highly reccommend that anyone who didn't go this time definetly check it ut next time around.