Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The monster that lives insiide me

So on Saturday as I said my last post I had a blast, hung out to many people that I hold near and dear to me, as well as got the chance to work with many very talented models and photographers.
I really did have a great time. Then on Sunday came home, and did the Sunday thing. (Layed around, ate some food, cleaned the house, etc.) So this week's project was the basement. We did get it all finished as far as going through the crap that was no longer needed. However during that process I found pictures from my first surgery that made me sick instantly. There are just somethings that have happened to me that I just havent been able to deal with yet. And that is one of them.

It is kind of like haveing a monster that likes in your mind, always waiting to step foward out of the shadows and pounce on you when you are weak. I hate the way I feel when I think about those weeks leading up to and directly after that surgery. Talk about a mindf*ck in a handbasket.

The pictures that I took with dark angel kind of made me think about that monster that lives inside of me so here are a couple from that set.

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